VIDEO: Extreme Hammocking above Fairy Falls near Cairns

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I was on expedition in Brazil up the Amazon River doing a documentary with the BBC and i bought 3 big hammocks in the markets in Belem, one of them made it all the way home. I took it on my travels and used it in some amazing places but never put it over a waterfall even though I had the thought in the back of my mind the whole time. When I saw a piece of rope over the top of Fairy Falls near Cairns I realised it was the perfect place to string the hammock up. It took longer than I expected since I had to climb either side multiple times to make sure it was safe and after triple checking everything I finally swung out along the rope and got into it. It was a great feeling and a stunning view. After hanging for a while I jumped out but now I wish I had back flipped out of it, the next time I might have to.

Fairy falls is a stunning little waterfall near Crystal Cascades in Cairns and is well worth a visit.

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