Virtual Reality and 360 videos, photos and virtual tours.

Welcome to PhlipVids fully interactive VR and 360 page. Scroll down to see our virtual reality and 360 video and photography options as well as more information about our virtual tour technology.

VR and 360 video and photos

Virtual reality and 360 degree video gives you the ability to immerse your viewers into your product, shop, event or destination like no other form of content. Whether you want basic virtual reality and 360 video and photos for social media and use through YouTube or Ultra High Definition video for use in headsets for showcasing your products in store or at events, we have the tools and knowledge to create it for you.

We have extensive sales and marketing experience and can assist in making sure you get the most out of your VR content online and offline. We can set up virtual reality within your business, for use at expos and shows, live stream your events and educate you and your staff on best practices for the use of virtual reality. We are based in Cairns but can work around Australia and the world where required.

We won’t just get you VR video we’ll create a range of content including photos that you can use online and offline for years to come and work in with your strategies. We can offer 360 video, 360 photos and other content to go with your VR videos including assisting with the text, sharing through social media, custom thumbnails and much more.

Virtual Reality Video Examples

• YouTube and Facebook virtual reality and 360 degree videos
• Shows, events and expos
• Aerial and underwater virtual reality and 360
• Live stream your event through 360 video
• Real estate and shop walk through
• Promotional and adventure videos

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Virtual Reality and 360 video editing

If you have your own 360 degree video camera but you’re having trouble editing the footage you can give it to us and we can turn it into a full video for you. We have the latest virtual reality editing software and powerful editing equipment so you can hand us your footage and get a polished product returned to you with fast turnaround.

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Video management and consulting

You may want to learn how to create your own VR content and get a better understanding of how it works and the best practices for producing and sharing it with your customers. We can work with you and your staff to assist you in making Virtual Reality and part of your business both online and offline.

We have years of experience in sharing online video content so can assist you in sharing your VR and 360 content through your online channels to ensure you get the most out of it and give your customers and viewers the best opportunity to find it and view it in the highest possible quality.

We’re based in Cairns so if you are here we can come to your business and show you through the processes but we can also live stream to anywhere in Australia or the world to to assist you can your team. Or just give us a call!

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Watch the below video in Full HD or even Ultra HD.

Select options using the gear icon in the bottom right of the YouTube window after you have clicked the play button. Watch in at least 1080 HD. Note that YouTube will initially play the 360 video in a low definition but it is able to be viewed in definitions up to 4K depending on your internet speed. Enjoy!