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Testing the Open Sky Touring Expedition 134 Boxes

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A couple of years ago I got contacted by a guy (I now know as Macca) who told me (over a beer) that they had re designed the camping/expedition/storage/anything you can think of box. I hadn’t really thought of how many plastic boxes I had gone through over the years until that moment. Even the ones that I thought were good broke pretty easily and weren’t that easy to use.

The basic story is that the two owners and designers of the Open Sky Touring Expeditions 134 boxes ( Nik and Ben ) got stuck in the desert and decided to re design the expedition box. They had two days, beer and endless open sky, all the right ingredients for a good plan. Check out the video below of how they came up with the idea.

Open Sky Touring – Our Story

We get asked all the time why we invented the Expedition134 box, here's our story

Posted by Open Sky Touring on Wednesday, 16 October 2019

At the time of our meeting they were still finalising the molds but that didn’t stop them from going camping every chance they got to test the designs and features. I had just got a new Holden Colorado and we talked about shooting some video when the boxes were finished and taking a trip up north to test my truck and the new boxes. Win Win! It wasn’t until about a year and a half later I got a call back from one of the lads and we locked down a few days camping up North at Cape Flattery. The boxes were ready!!

In a nut shell the trip was amazing! We not only tested out the Expedition Boxes but the Colorado as well and I loved it. During the trip we shot with the drone, did interviews and pretty much had a great time putting the boxes through their paces and filming all of it. Another one of those trips that makes me love being a videographer. We had a couple of other crew with us including 4WD industry expert and photographer Scott Mason and Shane from Decked out Fabrications.

I have now bought a few of the boxes and love them. They go everywhere with us and I put pretty much everything in them. I’ve had recovery gear, safety equipment, tools, food, clothes, grandmas garden ornaments and camera gear in them and so far no dust or water. Plus they are tough, like really tough. I use them to stand on quite a lot. I know they paid me to produce videos for them but even if they didn’t I would still love these boxes. Well worth the investment for sure! Plus they are Aussie owned and the lads just love getting out doors but using great kit.

If you want to get your hands on some of the Expedition boxes and some of their other kit you can get it all from the shop on their website.

Posted by Open Sky Touring on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

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