Why Lizard Island should be on your bucketlist

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Without a doubt if you get the chance to visit Lizard Island  on the Great Barrier Reef, just do it. We had Lizard on our list for 2017 so when the chance came up to go there for work we jumped at it. This time however we were on the other side of the camera which was lucky for us because we got to experience everything! Granted it was pre sunrise starts and late nights but the shot list consisted of non stop fun and frequent champagne and great food which is right up our ally.

Scenic flight from Cairns

From the very start Lizard Island turns it on. You travel over with East Air from general aviation in Cairns and they have a great little departure lounge to relax in prior to heading to paradise. The flight with beautiful views of the reef is spectacular enough and then after about an hour the island and lagoon comes into view and it looks like something out of a movie. It looks so good from the air, if you are happy to ruin the surprise then just have a look on Google Earth and you will know what I mean.

Welcome to Lizard Island

You fly in straight over the resort and you can’t help but get excited seeing the white sandy beaches, boats and of course the resort itself. When you get off the plane you’re picked up in a golf cart and handed scented wet towels to freshen up. We had a champagne on arrival at reception and then got taken to our room.

The accommodation

The rooms at Lizard are luxury in every sense of the word but it also has a relaxed laid back island feel. We were in a beachfront suite with the beach and palm trees out the front and everything we needed. We got the chance to see The Villa and The Pavilion while we were there but they will have to stay on the bucketlist for now. One of my favorite things about the resort is that they give you a branded metal water bottle with your name on it. It’s to help cut down on plastic usage, we used it for the whole stay and still use them every day.

Activities aplenty

There’s no shortage of activities on and off Lizard Island. I say that because the resort also offers trips that take you off the island. Like scuba diving at the cod hole and nearby reefs and game fishing. There are stunning beaches, snorkelling, kayaks and SUPs and you can even take a little tender off on your own. The hike to Cooks Look (where Captain Cook looked for a passage through the reef from) is also well worth the walk. There are a number of other walks on the island too you can see on the National Parks site for Lizard Island. There’s more activities too but we didn’t have enough time to do them all. Of course there is a lot of relaxing to be done as well and there is a day spa, gym tennis court and all the little luxuries you would expect.

The endless deliciousness

The bottom line here is that the food on Lizard is so good that you just need to try it. You can get pretty much anything you want and eat it wherever you want. Seafood platters on the game boat, picnics on the beach and the Salt Water Restaurant is amazing. The wine selection will blow your mind too. Then there is the 7 course degustation beach side dining where you get to chat with the chef and design your meal and enjoy the whole experience in a private beach side pavilion. I think it speaks for itself……….so amazing!

The wine series event

We were on the island during their annual Lizard Island wine series event and it was done very well. We learned a lot about pairing wines, some of the wine makers that provide the islands wines and of course indulged in the delicious food and wine served throughout the event.  While we were there Sam and David from Mount Mary Wines talked us through their wines and how they pair with different food. A very well done event.

My final thought is if you get the chance to go to Lizard Island I’d highly recommend it. There is also camping on Lizard Island at Watson’s bay and I hear you can get over there by boat once a week on the boat that brings supplies. You would have to ask the island about that though. To be honest the flights are affordable anyway but have luggage restrictions so for camping may be tough. You can charter a boat or take your own boat but you’ll have to book the camp sites and look into the anchoring restrictions before you go. I also know the extended Great Barrier Reef trip by Coral Expeditions visits Lizard Island but doesn’t stay that long. It’s a green zone too so no fishing is allowed around the island. My advice is make a decent holiday of it however you do it, it’s worth it to stay in the resort if you want a luxury holiday. It will blow your mind and leave you feeling amazing, it did for us.

Here’s one of the little clips they produced while we were there.

Check out the Lizard Island website for more information and the National Parks link above. Enjoy!


  1. I have to agree with you – Lizard Island should be on everyone’s bucket list. I absolutely loved this island and we camped! Your accommodation looks a little more comfortable….. 🙂 The snorkelling straight off Watson’s Bay was better than anything I saw anywhere else on the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard really is an incredibly beautiful place – exceeded all my expectations, and they were high.

    1. Author

      Hi Tracey, thanks for the comment. The resort was definitely very comfortable but we want to go over and camp too! Just out of curiosity how did you get over to the island for camping? Did you fly in? We loved the snorkelling in Watson’s Bay too, so much life and a lot of giant clams.

  2. Hi Phil,

    It’s been a while, but I only just saw your reply! We flew in to Lizard from Cairns, it was just my friend and I on the plane (oh and the pilot of course) and then had to walk to the campground (it took two trips with our tents/food etc) – but so worth it!

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