Video production and marketing resources for 2016

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Before 2016 kicked off I referred to my favorite resources to help with creating my 2016 strategy. Check out some of the best resources I’ve found for video production and marketing below.

ReelSEO – The video marketer’s guide

ReelSEO is dedicated to helping you get the best out of your videos and video content. They have a lot of information and resources about video marketing and distribution. They are well worth following. ReelSEO also has a very informative YouTube channel (makes sense) so check it out for marketing and online video tips.


VideoMaker is exactly how it sounds, a resource about making videos. They have everything you need to know about producing videos and their site and channels are gold mines of information and education.

They did an interview with Devon Graham in 2014 ( aka Devon Supertramp ) who specialises in a specific form of video production but he knows what he’s talking about.


YouTube offers education and information on anything you want (and don’t want ) to know and of course this includes video strategy  production and marketing. Simply type in the question you want more information about and 9 times out of 10 there is a video tutorial on it. All of the people I refer to in this blog are on YouTube, surprise surprise!

Below is an informative video on building your YouTube channel, YouTube is now the second biggest search engine on the planet so it pays to make sure your channel is up to date and working for you.

Oh and anything you want to know or learn about GoPro cameras MicBergsma is your guy! Entertaining and has videos on every possible GoPro situation!.

Social Media Examiner

So this is possibly the best social media information and education site on the internet. With video being the cool kid at the online and social media party at the moment they have a lot of great information and education on creating and getting the most out of your online video. They have a lot of industry reports and material that including tips, trends and information for online video content. Download the latest industry report from them!


I’ve always found this site to be educational and informative on entrepreneurship but they are almost too good. They often have article specific to certain industries and in our case video so I have added  a couple of links below. There are a lot of great articles but so many that if you read all the ones you like it can eat into your precious time. Be selective or save the articles and set aside time later to read them.

4 Essentials of video content marketing success

10 Marketing campaigns that became viral hits


Pinterest is amazing for anything creative and is fast becoming one of the best resources and social sites online. Personally I didn’t use it much but I’m starting to like it more and more.  It’s very easy to navigate since it uses boards to segment information often you can find very targeted and detailed resources in one place.

Check out the PhlipVids Pinterest page . It’s early days but there are some good resources on there. On this page you’ll find pins and links to all the resources that have helped us over the years towards creating and sharing video content.


So you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know about GoPros on YouTube through Tutorials and other videos but the GoPro site has quite a bit to offer as well. If you sign up and download their free editing software, GoPro 2.0 you have access to their support, FAQ’s and educational material. The software is quite fun and easy to use too.

If it’s online courses you want try They have a lot of great courses and video tutorials on their YouTube channel. Very cool resource to expand your knowledge.

360 Degree Video

The market is abuzz with talk of 360 video and it has started to appear all over YouTube, Facebook and the internet in general. I’m still testing it with the 360Fly camera so will update you more as I go but for now go and find some 360 degree videos online and be amazed! It’s going to be huge.

Finally I just thought I’d share one of the coolest viral videos I’ve seen in a while. A great idea for a video! I also added our latest video below that too!

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