VIDEO: Bash of the Barron at Kuranda Festival

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I didn’t get the time to see much of the Kuranda festival this year but I did get an invite to the annual Bash of the Barron raft race held down on the Barron River on the other side of the train station. I’d heard all about it in the past, seen photos and been told stories of the flour bombs and fun times everyone has but now it was time to experience it for myself! I was on the Raging Thunder White Water Rafting team and to my surprise in the 5 years the event has been running Raging Thunder have never won it. Time to change that! I mounted a couple of GoPro cameras on us and came out with the video below.

We won and the race was all I’d expected and more. Even though it was quite short it was so much fun with the flour bombs, splashing each other and the sneaky moves and tactics employed by the different teams.

Before the raft race there was also the Croc swim, I didn’t partake in it but it looked like a lot of fun too. I had never actually been down to that part of the river in Kuranda but would highly recommend that people visiting Kuranda take a walk down there, it’s beautiful. You can get there by walking into the train station and taking the walkway over the tracks and down to the water.

For more information on the Kuranda Festival check out Tourism Kuranda .

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